Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter App Reviews

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crap dont bother

it doesnt work. there is no international in iPhone. there is no listing for this keyboard. it is a total waste of time. no one responds to Help and posted questions.

Fun options

Excellent variety


Super gut !

DOESNT WORK. Total fake.

This doesnt work at all. Its not anything. Huge waste of time.

I thought icons went into keyboard

Emoji icons stay in the app, I thought they went into the original keyboard with the others. Save your $1 until that happens.

Its okay

Not all the emojis are available like it says. I like the ones it give, though

Waste of money

Always having to copy and paste just for a bunch if smileys and what not, not worth it. Also keyboard switches to chinese randomly and is annoying. The smileys dont work with that keyboard anyways only some do.


If youre not from Japan dont buy it. Its absolutley impossible to use with your keyboard, cause its built in Japaneese keyboard. When using it as an app it gives you a small choise of smilies snd doesnt let you to send it in imessage.

emoji 2

This app sticks its a waste of money... Dont bother downloading it.. The free emoji is way simpler and u dont have to add the Japanese key board it makes it impossible to txt ANYTHING! Not happy...

Worst ever

No one can see them. Hard to use.

Total waste of time... I want my dollar back.


It doesnt work!

Not bad

Not bad


App advertises color messages but its an in app purchase. Very misleading. Should be included in the pro purchase. Also should run right from the keyboard like the regular emoji app does. Substandard app in my opinion and a waste of $.99

Doesnt send messages/doesnt work

The app doesnt allow me to send any messages


really good but maybe Just a little bit slow at the begining ;)


If you follow the instructions , you can enable them in with your old emojis !!!!! i love it !!!! Thank you so much

Cant remove from contacts

After installing the iOS 6 updates, I attempted to remove the Emojis from my contact list as instructed since the updated included the same Emojis. I followed the apps instructions and when I pressed the remove Emojis button, the load bar would go to about half way and freeze my phone. I have tried several times for it to work and still no luck. The only way to get out of the app and unfreeze my phone (which works perfectly) is to power it off.


Inconvenient!..I want my money back..


I need help! I deleted the app before I removed the emojis from my contacts! Can anyone tell me how to get rid of those?

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